Year 13 – Controversies : Genetic and environmental Influences on behaviour.

I’ve posted a range of documents below, and they will all be useful on this topic, which is a slight modification on the nature/nurture debate. I’ve included two different essay plans which will be the focus of our lessons. Make sure you print them both.

nature nurutre worksheet

genetic, env essay plan

genes vs environment

nature-nurture essay plan

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Star of the Week Beginning 30 April – Josh Baldwin

Josh is doing a retake of PY1 to boost his final grade at A2. He has been attending extra tutorials and producing practice timed essays for marking – well done Josh, we all know you can’t prepare for a resit the night before, and you’re showing how it should be done!

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How to answer PY2 Research Methods Questions

Here’s another really useful file from Natalie Minaker

PY2 – how to answer The research Methods Section c

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Year 12 – Other Research Methods – Content analysis and Case Study

I’ve attached two essential worksheets from Natalie Minaker.

Content analysis worksheet 2011(NM)

Case studies 2011 worksheet (NM)

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Star of The Week Beginning 23 April – Elise Tomkinson

Elise has got fully into revision mode, and is using at least 3 different revision strategies to prepare for PY2. Superb independent learning – well done Elise!

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Year 13 – Sleep Disorders

Our final topic is about explanations for unusual sleeping patterns and behaviours. The  presentation task handout is vital, powerpoint is good back-up.

Sleep Disorders Presentation task


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Stars of the Week beginning 16 April – Kim Babbage and Shannon Slaven

Welcome back! Just a few weeks now to our final exam, and it’s been great to observe the positve and determined attitude that you have all brought back since the Easter break. My two stars this week have got their exam heads fully engaged already, and have used lessons and spare bits of lunch-time to clarify with me any questions that remain in their minds from lessons. “So how would I put that in an exam?”  “How many examples do I need to give?”  “Does this essay have enough detail?” Both Shannon and Kim constantly ask these types of questions and don’t stop until they are clear about the answers.

Keep going girls – you are real role models!

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