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How to answer PY2 Research Methods Questions

Here’s another really useful file from Natalie Minaker PY2 – how to answer The research Methods Section c Advertisements

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Year 12 – Other Research Methods – Content analysis and Case Study

I’ve attached two essential worksheets from Natalie Minaker. Content analysis worksheet 2011(NM) Case studies 2011 worksheet (NM)

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Star of The Week Beginning 23 April – Elise Tomkinson

Elise has got fully into revision mode, and is using at least 3 different revision strategies to prepare for PY2. Superb independent learning – well done Elise!

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Year 13 – Sleep Disorders

Our final topic is about explanations for unusual sleeping patterns and behaviours. TheĀ  presentation task handout is vital, powerpoint is good back-up. Sleep Disorders Presentation task sleep-disorders-ppt

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Stars of the Week beginning 16 April – Kim Babbage and Shannon Slaven

Welcome back! Just a few weeks now to our final exam, and it’s been great to observe the positve and determined attitude that you have all brought back since the Easter break. My two stars this week have got their … Continue reading

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Year 12 Cores Study – Bennett-Levy and Marteau – URGENT QUESTIONNAIRE!

This question needs to be printed off by both groups and completed by Thursday 19th April. It should only take 15 minutes or so. See if you can work out the hypothesis behind the research… Questionnaire 1&2  

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Year 12 Core Study: Rosenhan (1973)

Our final fascinating study on what it means to be sane (or insane) – how can we tell? worksheet essential, powerpoint and article for back-up. Rosenhan Worksheet 2011(NM) Rosenhan 2012 (NM) full text rosenhan

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